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BLC at The Jubilee

BrighterLife care will be offering a range of drop in activities every Wednesday from 9am – 6pm, we will be based at The Jubilee in Balsall common.

Our Aims


We hope to provide an environment which enables individuals to access a range of support and creates opportunities for individuals to engage in leisure and learning. Individuals will be able to access; social, movement (dance, drama, fitness), art and crafts, selfcare and life skills workshops to maintain or regain as much of their independence as possible.


We will encourage individuals to make choices and support them to be valued members of the community. We recognise the strengths of the individuals and support them to grow and develop during their time with us. We will adapt each week based on requests and interest.


Our Promise 

To provide a friendly and welcoming environment for young people and adults with additional needs and learning disabilities. We hope our approach and opportunities will allow attendees to develop safe and healthy friendships, as well as developing as an individual. We ensure at all times that we offer person centred support, taking into account the individuals  physical, mental health and emotional well-being.


How will it work?


BLC service users will be able to attend all activities, workshops and clubs as part of her 1:1 sessions throughout the week. There will be a attendance fee for each activity.

If you do not currently use BLC services, you can either sign up to receive support from us throughout the day/ activity or you can attend with your own PA.

Onsite Facilities

  • Onsite parking (additional parking if unable to park next to the building) 

  • Disabled access toilet

  • Wheel chair access to main building

  • Local shops

  • Local coffee shop



Blue – Social | Orange - Movement (dance, drama, fitness)  | Yellow - Arts and Crafts | Green – Self Care, life Skills and Giving back | Red -  Themes celebrations 

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