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Our Aims 



  • To deliver person centred services - We aim to provide person centred care and support in ways which have positive outcomes for service users and promote their active participation. Continuing in our mission to promote and support the rights, choices, independence and quality of life of our service users. 

  • To focus on outcomes -  We aim to deliver outcome focused services that are developed to support individuals to achieve their own goals, wishes and aspirations.

  • To work for the comprehensive welfare of our service users - We aim to provide care and support for each service user that contributes to his or her overall personal needs and preferences. 

  • To work in partnership - We aim to work in partnership with service users, their parents and carers and other professionals to deliver a seamless service that maximises the individual’s choice, control and independence. 

  • To provide quality services -  We are committed to providing top quality services and to continuous improvement in the level of care and support we offer through effective measurement, review and subsequent implementation. 

  • To employ a quality workforce -  We stive to provide a range of well trained, supervised and experienced PAs who can provide appropriate support that is matched to the needs of the individual, taking into account the nature of their disability, age, gender, race and other cultural needs

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