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Our Services 

BrighterLifeCare Offer a range of Services. 
For further information regarding any of the support we offer (detailed below) please contact us directly. 

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Leisure Sessions

We offer one-to-one leisure sessions within the local community and at home support. These sessions are all individually tailored to suit each service users needs and interests with the main focus being enjoyment and enhancement. Our staff operate with a friendly yet professional manner so that these sessions have the flexibility to feel relaxing and enjoyable.


Here are some examples of the services BrighterLifeCare provide support for:

  • Swimming

  • Cinema

  • Gym

  • Bowling

  • Theatre trips

  • Shopping

  • Eating out

  • Theme parks

  • Picnics

  • Exercise classes

  • Meal preparation

  • Cooking classes

  • Food Shopping 

We are very flexible with the activities we organise. Understanding that each individual has unique interests and hobbies; we are open to and would love to hear you ideas and suggestions. 

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Group Workshops / Activities / Day Trip 

In addition to one-to-one support sessions, BrighterLife Care also offer a number of group activities, events and workshops to attend throughout the year.

Similarly to our leisure sessions all group workshops and activities are tailored to suit the needs of the service users involved. The focus of the workshops is to enable individuals to develop their social skills within a safe and relaxed environment, whilst meeting new people and building new friendship groups. We maintain effective communication with parents and carers to ensure we provide meaningful and enjoyable opportunities. 

Please take a look at our Regular Groups page for more information regarding regular meet ups for children, teens and adults with additional needs and disabilities. 

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Work Experience Support

BrighterLifeCare are now offering a new Employment Scheme service.
This service is designed to help young people and adults with special educational needs, and disabilities bridge the gap between college and employment.

What the Employment Scheme offers: BrighterLife Employment scheme is a tailored service. We adapt our employment packages to meet the needs of our service users. Our main package is made up of six one-to-one meetings. please contact us for a step by step meeting breakdown. 

The overall aim of the employment scheme: BrighterLifeCare aims to secure a placement by the end of the scheme, but with an end goal of paid employment. If paid employment is not the individuals end goal, they will have had the opportunity to gain work experience within an area they are interested in pursuing a carer.

The purpose of employment support: By assisting service users in a way that leads to the acquisition of new skills, and highlighting their capabilities we have the expectation that they will develop a sense of hope, optimism, and self-efficacy. During the meetings service users will have already started to grow in confidence working along side their allocated work mentor, already feeling a sense of achievement through setting personal goals and recording progress.

As BrighterLife start to build positive relationships with employers, we feel this will help to start breaking down barriers into the workplace. With the intention being to benefit young people and adults with special educational needs and disabilities. 

We hope to help to create a happier, more connected and productive society.

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For further information regarding the above services, do not hesitate to contact us 

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