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We meet everyone at 9 oclock at the pub to get on the minu bus

We take our seats and play a game on the mini bus

We stopped on the way for the toilet and got back on the mini bus to finish the journey.

We got to Blackpool at 12pm and headed straight to the seat front.

We had a packed lunch together and the sun was shining!

We all went as a group to the Madame Tussards and we looked around taking pictures with the people.

I had pictures with Ant and Dec from i'm a celeb get me out of there, ET and the Beatles.

then we looked more and had different pictures with the royal family and the little dog, William and Kate and the naughty old MP

We had lots and lots of photos including spider man.

We went to the gift shops and then we left but I didn't buy anything.

We walked to Blackpool tower along the sea front

Then we went to he 4D experince in the Blackpool tower. They showed us on a screen the history of the tower, how it was built and stuff about Blackpool.

And then we got in a lift (you can go up the stairs if you want) to get to the top of the tower.

When we got the to the top i was worried because the floor was glass and you can see everything undernearth you.

And you are really high up and i was worried.

We went to the fish and chip shop and i had cheese and onion pie and chips.

When we got back to the mini bus but we had a group photo on the beach before we got back on the mini bus.

We chilled out on the mini bus to go home and see my mum and dad and the dog.

It was really funny!!! because Claire got pooped on by a bird -- oops!!!

Overall review -

I really enjoyed myself

I think Blackpool was really good and i would like to go again and try riding donkeys and pleasure beach!


On Monday went to Blackpool tip on the mini bus by Dorridge the drum and monkey pub on the way to Blackpool!

We did madame Tussuards and Blackpool tower. We had our packed lunch on the beach and

We had fish and chips for tea.

We went back on the mini bus on the way back home.

I Saw some of the wax works; king Charles, William and Kate, Queen, Bruno, The Beatles, Ed Sheeran, Boris Johnson, Olly mars, Ant and Dec, Spider man,

I went on black pool tower I went higher on the tower and I Stood on the glass floor I was nervous but i did it!

I bought myself a blackpool pen

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