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Drama Workshop with Time to Shine

During the half term we had a drama workshop with time to shine.

We did a talent show theme, we all did an individual performance to showcase at the end.

Claire - " I did a duet with Akram, acting, singing and dancing. Akram sang Justin beiber and I did Nicky Minaj singing Beauty and The Beat. I also did Rocky Horror song, science fiction"

Emily - "I was directing the show with Mia, I really enjoyed doing it. I really loved Claires singing. We also did splat warm up game. I actually really enjoyed the whole show"

Ruth - " I sang a song with Laura W, defying gravity and then I also did a solo which was Whitney Huston Nothing. "Enjoyed seeing everyone be happy and singing on the stage, they were all amazing!"

Hannah - "Hannah Sang with Hayley, Beyonce Ave Maria"

Group - The group did a fill dance to Matilda.

Chloe - "Chloe sang when I grow up our of Matilda.

Laura - " Laura sang solo song from frozen.

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