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Drayton Manor

We all met at the gates feeling very excited and ready for a great day, it was a really hot and sunny day.

We went on lots of rides such as swinging seats, the pirate ship, accelerate (this rollercoaster goes forwards and then backwards!) and my favourites maelstrom and storm force 10 (The wet ride!!!)! I also love shockwave where you stand up and the new Viking ride (even if it did make me feel a bit dizzy).

We managed to get on lots of rides then stopped for lunch before even more rides. Before we had a wander round the zoo, we had a snack – I had a bubble waffle with ice cream and chocolate sauce and a Pepsi Max to cool me down.

At the very end of the day we went on Storm Force 10 for the second time – we got soaking!!!! But it was very very funny!

I really like spending time with my friends and Staff at Drayton Manor and I can’t wait to go again next year!

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