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BrighterLifeCare Monthly Bowling League

Updated: Jan 18, 2022

The Monthly bowling league is a night out which we do once a month where we do one game off bowling and afterwards we go to a restaurant for a meal all together.

It's not only a game of bowling, it's a fun competition between the service users as all of us who go are split into two teams off 6 and the winner which is the person with the highest score off the two combined teams gets too take home a nice shiny gold trophy which they get to keep till the next monthly bowling league. After the exciting bowling session we go to a local restaurant for our evening meal. Some off the places we have visited are The Hill Field, a Indian restaurant and the Finest catch. This is an amazing opportunity to be able to have a meal out with friends and to celebrate the winner off the bowling league.

Bowling league is a great fun night out. it makes me feel alive - Claire Dutton.”
"Bowling league makes our lives better because we get too spend time with her friends - Ruth Maniatt

Bowling league winners

Here are the previous 3 months bowling league winners

October 2021 Tom K

September 2021 Tanya

August 2021 Emily B

This a monthly event that is a night out with friends which everyone should take part In as it's loads of fun and we have such a laugh.

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