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Our Visit to Jungle Hut at Earlswood Crafts Centre

On the 21st April we visited the Jungle Hut in Earlswood. We handled creepy crawlies and reptiles, like small snakes, a really really big snake, a bearded dragon, a tortoise, geckos and tagos. There was even a tarantula we could hold!

What we thought of our visit..

“I was really scared of holding some of the animals at the hut, but I’m so proud of myself for having a go”

“The Jungle ranger knew everything about the insects and reptiles”

“I loved the feeling of the big snake, it was so heavy and not slimy at all”

Lots of us faced our fears and held as many of the creepy crawlies and reptiles as we could. I would love to go again another time.

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