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PINK - Tribute Night

We all went with friends and went in Laura’s party bus, we put pink songs on and we were all singing – it was lots of fun and everyone was ready to party! When we got to Conkers we went outside to the open air theatre – there was a huge roof over the stage and seating area and we had coats and blankets to keep us warm if needed. We got some drinks from the bar – I had a diet coke! And we sat and chatted and took selfies waiting for the show to start. When the Pink tribute started singing we were all up dancing for all of the night and had a fantastic time! We did not need are blankets then as were having such a great time and were all so happy! Some of my friends reviews of the show were: Claire “I loved dancing and seeing all my friends having a great night!” Tanya “It was an amazing time and I especially liked that we were all up dancing and showing off our moves” Jade “The atmosphere was amazing and the singer interacted really well with the audience”

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