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Platinum Jubilee - Afternoon Tea Party

In July to celebrate the Queens Jubilee Brighterlife Care organised an afternoon teaparty for our family and friends. It was a whole day activity and my friends and I came to the Jubilee in the morning and got the afternoon tea ready and decorated the room.

We had a great time in the morning as we learnt how to bake our favourite treats. We had also made lots of decorations in the weeks leading up the party which we then used to make the room look amazing!

At 1am the room was all set and the food was all cooked and our parents and family/friends started coming in.

After everyone had eaten there was just enough time for photos and to have a dance. I had a very enjoyable day and it was a nice way to make an afternoon tea for my family!

Some of the things on the menu were:

  • Scones

  • Sandwiches

  • Eaton Mess

  • Rocky Road

We had a fantastic afternoon!

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