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Summer Fun - Strawberry Picking!

We had a great time strawberry picking at Manor Farm Fruits this summer.

When we went to strawberry and raspberry, picking we got to choose the best ones to take home. There were lots and lots of berries to choose from and we made sure we only picked ripe and tasty looking ones. The were in long rows underneath domes. When we had chosen enough we weighed them at the till and paid ourselves using our money or cards. After this we had our picnic for lunch sat with our friends chatting and catching up. Once we had finished we went into the café to have a treat, I had a hot drink, some of my friends had ice cream instead or cold drinks.

What happened next?

When I got home I made a Eton mess Sundae – it was very nice!

Tom K made homemade jam

Claire ate them with her family

Tanya ate them with her Mum and Dad

Ruth put her strawberries and raspberries with ice cream

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