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BrighterLifeCare Halloween Party

Part of our yearly activities Brighter Life Care hold a Halloween party

In October we have a Halloween Party, it is about having spooky, fantastic fun and fancy dress with all our BLC friends. The party is held at a local golf club and we have a DJ and a bar where we can buy our own drinks, we even have buffet food. This year lots of people made a big effort dressing up and were looking very scary, but there were also others that didn’t want to dress up and that’s cool with us! We danced and sang to lots of music – new, old and spooky and we played some Halloween games like pin the hat on the witch. On the tables and around the room we had lots of decorations we had made at the jubilee – some even have treats in! The whole evening is about friends having fun and we can’t wait till next Halloween now!

We were partying until we dropped.

" We had amazing food."

Fancy Dress Winners

The winners of 2021 fancy dress:

Scariest dressed was Hannah

Cutest dressed was Chloe

Best dressed was Ruth

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