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The Hangout!

The Hangout is another Monthly evening activity with Brighter Life Care

Family bakes together

Brighterlifecares Hangout is all about spending time and “hanging out” with our friends, playing games and having food. It happens once a month in a local pub.

This Blog is about the first time we went to the hangout in Summer 2021: When we arrived we were seated in a private side room where we met friends. We ordered some food and whilst we waited we played an intense game of Jenga, it was very competitive. We also played lots of other games. Once the food arrived it looked lovely, and tasted delicious. Afterwards we had another competitive game of bingo which we really enjoyed. When the evening was over we all said our goodbyes and went home happy!

"We love the Hangout because..

We played an intense game of Jenga”

“We had the most delicious food”

“It was a fantastic evening"

Some of the games we love playing at the hangout are:

- Bingo

- Jenga

- Frustration

- Dobble

- Uno

- Snakes and ladders

- Pictionary

- Music quiz’s

- Charades

- Rapido

We are always adding new games and thinking of new ways to have fun there.

We cant wait for next months :)

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