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The Wave

We went to the Wave for a group session, it is a new waterpark in Coventry. We were very excited queueing up to get in and once we had our wristbands we headed up to the changing rooms.

Once we were ready to go we put all our stuff in the lockers and they are quite confusing as you have to use your wristband to lock the lockers but Jade and Laura helped us all out and then we were ready to go!!!

There are 6 slides in the wave, a lazy river and a wave pool. There is also a children waterpark but we didn’t go in there. First we went in to the lazy river, it was lots of fun going round and round with my friends and getting wet from the fountains. Next we all went on a slide – it was really fun and not too fast for the first one. After this we headed to the wave pool which was very fun and really funny with the big waves.

After this we went on some more slides – we went on 3 slides and for all of these you needed to sit on an inflatable ring – they were all amazing and I didn’t find any of them too scary!!!! At the end we went back to the lazy river to have some more funny times before it was time to leave. My favourite part was going on the fast slides.

Once we were all dry and changed we headed to a Harvester for food– we were sooooo hungry after all the swimming. I had a vegetarian option which was really yummy. When I got home I was very ready for an afternoon nap!

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