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Wheels are all at Lavender Hall park

During our Jubilee Sessions we have a visit from Wheels for all

We did Wheels for all with Brighterlife Care. They came to us in the park and we tried different bikes out. It was my first time riding a bike, I was a little bit nervous at first but not for long. I tried a Tomcat and I really liked it, and found it easy to pedal and steer. It is long bike with one wheel at the front and two at the back and a big comfortable seat with a back. I also tried out a trike I could get my wheelchair on to and had a member of staff to pedal for me – it was great whizzing along with my friends on the other bikes. I really liked riding around the park as it was very interesting and I got to see lots of things.

I’m really looking forward to Wheels for All returning soon and in the meantime I have been going to their base regularly with my parents.

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