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BrighterLife Care Food Creations

Updated: Oct 20, 2021

During our cooking sessions with Cook Stars at the Jubilee. Twice a month we have been getting creative by making and exploring different foods. The foods we have been exploring include; Sweet and savoury.

Family bakes together

Each week we have to weight out the ingredients, check we have everything we need and follow the instructions. We work as a group to encourage each other and help our friends when needed. But we also work independently making a sweet or savoury treat to take home or enjoy on the day. The session is about exploring new foods but also helping us to become more independent and learn new life skills.

“When I do cooking with BrighterLifeCare I feel like I am in the bake off - Ruth Maniatt”
"Cooking makes me feel independent - Rebecca Bates"

Creations so far

- Brownies

- Spring rolls

- Chinese noodles

- Bread rolls

- Smoothies

- Halloween Cookies

I love making foods that I haven't made before - Claire Dutton”

We think the cooking sessions are great fun and we enjoy then so much !

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